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Seneca 12 (Code: seneca-12)



Practical, durable, and dependable defines the Grumman Seneca Series with their all-welded seams, heavy-duty extruded gunwales, transom caps and multiple longitudinal keels, these marine alloy aluminum boats are built "Grumman-tough". Since aluminum is one of the lightest practical structural materials (something Grumman learned years ago in the aircraft industry), this makes your new Grumman lighter than a wood or fiberglass boat of comparable size so you'll go faster and farther on a gallon of gas. Lighter weight means easier towing, less fuel, less motor. and less wear and tear on your vehicle. All this adds up to superior performance and value both on and off the water. Whether you're a novice angler or you've been drowning worms for years, Grumman has the Seneca Utility V that's perfect for you!

Grumman Boat Limited Warranty


Length:11' 8"
Depth Amidships:19"
Transom Height:15"
Under-seat Bulkheads:3
Max. Persons Capacity:3/540 lbs
Max. weight Capacity:540 lbs
Approx. Hull Weight:121 lbs
Max H.p. Rating:10hp
Hull Gauge:.050"
  • Strong, corrosion resistant stinless steel bow eye
  • Acrylic urethane Perl Gray painted outer hull for long lasting beauty and durability; acrylic enamel semi-flat White Linen painted interior for reduced glare
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Foam filled seats for level flotation
  • Unique structural bulkheads built under seats provide strengthended rigidity while eliminating the toe-stubbing "ribs" found on other boats
  • Heavy duty cast handles provide convenient hand holds
  • Oarlock sockets are positioned for comfortable, efficient rowing
  • Easy-access transom plug
  • Conveniently placed "cozy" sized drink holders
  • Handy 36 inch "Tall tale" measuring tape decal installed in every Seneca
  • Deluxe fold-down Grumman Chair with mounting bracket and swivel
  • Deluxe side-graphics package


Side Wall Color:

Deluxe Side Graphics:Factory installed only (+365 USD)
Old price: 1,907 USD

Price: 2,260 USD

Weight: 121 Lb
Manufacturer: Marathon Boat Group
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