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Fishermen and duck-hunters love the DuraNautic's...

  • Unobstructed ribless interior.
  • Stability in rough water, thanks to its deeper, extra-stiff, two-piece hull, welded seams, and extruded keels.
  • Sea Foam Green color, unchanged since the original DuraNautic, 30 years ago.

DuraNautic Utility Boats

Born in the Hudson river, bred to handle the choppy waters of the norteastern coast, the DuraNautic has earned a reputation second to none for strength, stability, and durability. From the Deluxe and Utility models to the new Jon boats, all the DuraNautics are super-stable, super tough commercial quality boats. Season after season, they'll always be there for you.

Standard Features for all DuraNautics:

  • Stainless steel bow eye for strength and corrosion resistance
  • 5052 marine grade aluminum alloy hull for strength and long life.
  • All seams are precision welded and tested to assure watertight integrity.
  • Acrylic Urethane painted outer hull for long lasting looks and durability
  • Gunwals are extruded heavy gauge aluminum for strength.
  • Heavy gauge extruded longitudinal keels protect the hull and provide added stability.
  • Heavy duty extruded spray rails also add stability and directs spray outside the boat.
  • Stainless steel fasteners.

V Hull

DuraNautic Utility V Fun to run and quick to plane, our five models provide the durable strength and preformace expected of a DuraNautic.

Split Seats

DuraNautic Split Seat boat A step up from our Utillity V's, these boats bridge the gap between utility and side console models. Add the optional dealer installed console and your tiller model turns into a side consol split seat boat.

Side Console

DuraNautic Side Console A tough boat that is both affordable and versatile. The 16' SC is simple to trailer and easy to run. It has all the extra geatures you might require in an ideal fishing boat, plus custom paint and deluxe graphics.

Jon Boats

DuraNautic Jon Boat Designed to handle rougher northern waters, our new DuraNautic Jons have straigher sides and deeper keels than the conventional southern-style jons.