Grumman Canoes - Built For The Long Run

Grumman Canoes

Built to Last

All models feature .060" aluminum deck caps and .080" stemcaps with special T-6 alumilite finish rivets for top strength. A special sealant ensures long lasting watertightness.

Optimum Strength

Formed .062" aluminum thwarts are secured with marine grade stainless steel bolts. Precision riveting ties gunnels, skin, and thwarts together for superior strength.

Better Tracking

The standard flat water keel is designed to make paddling easier and keep your canoe "on track." The special "Bulb T" keel on the 19 ft. Square Stern and Sportboat makes larger canoes stiffer and stronger.


The shallow draft keel has an inner keelson of rugged-strength extruded aluminum made for fast maneuvering through rock bottom whitewater rivers. The shallow draft keel is available on G-1750CSK double-enders.

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12' 9" Solo

Double ended solo canoe.

13' Double-Ender

Double ended canoe.

15' Double-Ender

15' Double ended canoe.

17' Double-Ender

17' Double ended canoe.

18' Double-Ender

Double ended canoe.

16' Square Stern

Square Sterns. For Added Power

17' Square Stern

Square Sterns. For Added Power

19' Square Stern

Square Sterns. For Added Power


Versatile 3-in-1 “boat”

Center Seat Kit

Aluminum seat for solo paddling.

Sponson Kit

4 1/2' foam sponsons, added balance

Motor Bracket

Side mount, for double-enders.

Sit-backer Seat Green

Back support.

Row rig

row your Grumman canoe